Jan 17, 2012

UPDATE: Speculaas P&Q

Post date: January 29-February 1, 2012
Co-Host: Baked Sunday Mornings

This week's recipe will be co-hosted & co-posted with Baked Sunday Mornings. The recipe has been posted as their "in the oven" post. Links and photos will be shared on both sites and on our Facebook page.

Since their host date is on Sunday and ours is on the first, we'll be posting between both periods.


  1. FYI, the cardamom in the recipe is a TYPO.

    From the FAQ section:

    "So, can you tell me about the missing cardamom in the speculaas recipe in Baked Explorations?
    Yes! In the first edition of Baked Explorations, we forgot to omit the cardamom from the instructions (though it is not listed in the ingredients). We tested this cookie many times with and without cardamom and eventually decided it was unnecessary. Our apologies for the error."

  2. Hi Karen! I just received the copy of the book today and will be able to join now starting with this recipe....Then I will just catch up with the ones I've missed! :)