Sep 17, 2011

Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins P&Q

Post date: 10/1/11
Hosted by: Billie of Chocolate & Chakra

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  1. Made these today. Did a half batch and got exactly 6 muffins. This is a savory muffin, but there is a good amount of sugar in it as well. I was totally skeptical about the combination of pumpkin and cheddar, but it actually worked much better together than I thought. I used a white cheddar. The flavors of the pumpkin with the cheddar were very mild. It actually pairs really well with a bowl of soup. We had tomato soup, but I bet it would be great with a butternut squash soup.

    I used muffin liners (even though the recipe says to just bake them in the tin). I even sprayed my muffin liners with non stick spray, but still had difficultly removing the muffin from the liner. And I completely agree with the author, that these are best served warm. I reheated ours in the 200 degree oven as suggested in the book. Now I have a ton of pumpkin puree to use up!

  2. In my opinion, you can never have too much pumpkin :)

  3. I made pumpkin ice cream (2 batches, because 1 was a total bomb) and I still have left over pumpkin. Think pumpkin bread is on the roster for this weekend!

  4. I just made pumpkin lasagna! So glad it's pumpkin season again. :)

  5. We had these for dinner tonight. I was very skeptical about the combination of pumpkin and cheddar cheese. They were delicious!!

    I didn't use muffin liners and they came out of the pans after 10 minutes. I ran a knife around the edges before removing them.

    Mine didn't rise much at all, so I would suggest filling them to the top of the pan.

    Great choice, Billie!