Sep 5, 2011

Bananas Foster Fritters P&Q

Post date: 9/15/11
Hosted by: Stephanie of Ice Cream Before Dinner

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  1. Not too bad. Learned a lot from the 'doughnut' experience and so was able to watch my oil temp carefully. 300-325 worked for me.
    The Rum Sauce is silky and delicious and IMO was the finishing touch to the amazing flavor of the fritters.

  2. I so wanted to make these today...but my bananas are not ripe yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. Is there a certain time of the day that the post must be posted by? Thanks!

  4. uh - YUM! Made these and they were great. I'll be posting hopefully in the morning, but if not, it'll be when I get home from work :)